Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My First Post...

Hello World!

  Hi. My name is Monica Nicole. Greetings to whoever reads this and welcome to my site. :) My prayer for this website is that whether or not it is read by others...it will be a place *for me* to record my thoughts, adventures, prayers, dreams, goals, life experiences, lessons learned, what God is teaching me and most importantly that it will SHINE JESUS and HIS TRUTH, who is my Father, my Shepherd, my King and my God. This site is dedicated to You, Lord....because I am "HisGirlForever"...*Your Girl*.  No matter what happens in this life--whether it's mountains, pain, joy, hardships, trials; I KNOW that I belong to Jesus, I am HIS.GIRL.FOREVER. and I can trust His heart completely. I want this site to record all the amazing things Jesus does for me...because I don't ever want to forget. Dear Jesus, *please* never let me forget who YOU are and what YOU have done for me. It is because of YOU that I am alive and walking this life *with You*. This life is short, teach me how to live every breath for Y-O-U and to love You more than anything else. I guess, more than anything, this site is for me...to challenge me and make me remember Who-I-Am-In Christ and a way I can record this adventure of LIFE with my Jesus. :)

SO!! Guess what God did for me last week?? I got to go see MADISON KILEY CONRAD!!! :-D Wow. What a blessing that girl has been in my life the last 7 years and I FINALLY got to go visit her for the first time ever! :) She lives in the beautiful mountain-filled state of Colorado. I live in the mountainless state of Michigan. So you can imagine on top of being crazy excited to see her I was ecstatic to see MOUNTAINS! You could see Pike's Peak from her house, on bike rides, walks...it was amazing. Thank You, Jesus, for working it out for me to visit her for a week. You knew I needed to see her. :)

Fun Memories including but not limited too:

~Chick-fil-A trips and Chick-fil-A dinners for FREE!!


~Photography (I'm trying to learn how to take good pics...:))

~Drinking Izze's!

~Watching The Inheritance and Ever After

~Being with Madi *IN PERSON* when she went on her breaks at Panera instead of just being on the phone with her. :)

~Dressing up together

~Making Italian Soda's

~Shopping!!!!!!!  (what girls do BEST)

~High Heels

~Finding a "Sisterhood of the Traveling" SHIRT to share with Madi! ( Every 2 months it will be mine and then hers)

~Reading Streams in the Desert

~*Praying* ( Friends that PRAY are treasures...never let go of friends who PRAY)

Pretty much an amazing week out there with that girl.  Love you, Madi!

Well...this is gonna be me signing off from my first His.Girl.Forever. blogpost. :) To anyone who reads this, God bless you! Keep smiling, shining and claiming HIS TRUTH! Life is short...live, laugh, and love MUCH.


"Live like you'll die tomorrow, die like you'll live forever. Love like you'll leave tomorrow, knowing that love lasts forever."


Well "hey" there!!

Always good to hear from you. :)

God bless you with a *beautiful* day.