Thursday, May 3, 2012

Welcome May 3rd...Another day of LIFE!

Welcome May 3rd and 85 Degree Weather!!! :-D  Boy, are you sure this is Michigan and not Florida?!  :)  Little Miss Alivia spent a bunch of time out in the Sprinkler's today with her *PINK* Swim Suit on! :) All the kiddos are loving this hot too!  Summer's almost here!!! :-D

Part of today was celebrating my sweet, adorable, loving, awesome and amazingly FUN little sister, Melanie!! :)  Love her so much!  She can make *anyone* SMILE and *anything* FUN!! <3

In honor of yellow earrings...:)  So, I'm not normally a fan of yellow...but I LOVE these yellow earrings on Mel!  They're adorable...and she makes them even more adorable! :)

Beautiful heart, Beautiful Life, Beautiful GIRL!  (Yeah, that's my sister!) :)

Her LAUGH is my favorite! :)

Ben and Sammy enjoying the lovely weather! :)  Ben is Sammy's hero...he's my hero, too! 


So today was an EPIC DAY FOR MELANIE!!! :)  Lol...she had never seen anyone get their blood drawn before.  New experience indeed. ;)  I had to go in for some heart/blood tests since my Cardiologist is trying to figure out my 1st Degree Heart Blockage...not a very serious condition, but one that does need to be figured out.  Anyways, it was very kind of Melanie to take me...and we had fun...getting my blood drawn and all! :-D ;)  And guess what?? My number was 16...must've been in honor of my 16 year old Angel, Melanie Rose. <3 

My 16 year old *Angel* :)

Mel not so sure she wants to watch the blood draw...:)  Love you, Mel!!  Random thought I had...if I was perfectly healthy...Mel and I would've never had this *FIRST TIME BLOOD DRAW* adventure together. ;)  Haha..not that we couldn't of had different adventures...but I wanna make the most of e-v-e-r-y single minute...even when I'm at the Dr. :)

Alright, Good night to May 3rd...when I say Good Morning it will be May 4th! How the days fly by.  Cherish each day, each memory and each moment you have with your loved ones! <3  Time goes by fast...don't waste it. 

Love Always,
Monica Nicole 

"No cloud has come into your life but that GOD has put a RAINBOW in it."~Unknown

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