Thursday, May 3, 2012

If I were to write a letter to God...

If I were to write a letter to God would go something like this:

Dear God,

A little over a month ago I was looking over the treatment my Drs. had written up for me. It looked very promising, but also completely daunting because I had no clue how I was going to pay for all of it.  Made me pretty discouraged for awhile and definitely started to dishearten's discouraging enough to be so sick...and then to not have the money to get better it's even more discouraging..but YOU asked me to trust move schedule the start the shots...schedule the weekly IV's...You said You'd take care of the rest. Would I trust You? I knew I should.....You are the God who says,  "I will supply EVERY NEED of yours according to my riches in glory." (Philippians 4:19) Okay, God...I know you said that...but can You really provide this money. You saw all the lists I made trying over and over again to figure out how I could pay for it...and complete FAIL e-v-e-r-y time.  None of MY plans worked...would Yours work? Okay, God...I'll move forward...but I don't know where the money's going to come from. God, do you ever smile and laugh when you see us so baffled at life cuz you can see what we can't?  Oh Jesus...YOU could see what I could not. You could see how You were going to provide for me thru the love and generosity of others..thru doing a coffee fundraiser...thru the many prayers of dear friends...You knew all along that the hours I spent fretting over what to do were so useless. You must've been smiling looking down saying, "oh Monica...stop fretting...just trust." You also knew how successful the treatments would be after just TWO weeks...THANK YOU FOR THAT ENCOURAGEMENT, LORD.  I needed to know...after years of trying so many different things with no success, that this aggressive plan would work...and so far, it is! Thank You, Jesus. <3 I know I still have a looooong way to go to get all better...but THANK YOU, God for increasing my FAITH in YOU by providing for all my needs thus far. One month into my treatments and EVERY SINGLE cent has been payed isn't an issue with you...thank You, Jesus for being my Provider...for loving me thru other people...thru proving your love and faithfulness and for Your promise of FULL COMPLETE healing. I know that day is coming when I will be able to RUN a marathon spiritually AND *PHYSICALLY* and I thank you for that!!  Cannot WAIT for that day!!  Bless me with the joy, courage, determination and perseverance to keep fighting this battle...thank you for the friends you've brought into my life to help me along this journey. Open my eyes to what YOU want to teach me.
Thank You, that I can trust you to CONTINUE to provide for my every need. 

Love you, Daddy!! 

Your Daughter,


Here's a post I wrote to all my friends on my Facebook and Medical Update/Fundraiser Page:

 Completely overwhelmed, blessed beyond words and incredibly thankful for the several generous anonymous and UN-anonymous gifts of money I have been given the last few days. Thank you all SO SO SO much!! Truly an answer to prayer...♥ Having several shots the past few weeks, more tests to fine tune my treatment, plus more medications administered etc...the cost was a lot more than I had anticipated for this past month...but God has provided for EVERY SINGLE penny thru all of you! ♥ And guess what?? THE NEW TREATMENT IS WORKING! In ONLY two shots I've been experiencing more healing and encouraging results than anything else I've ever done for my health. PRAISE THE LORD!!! So excited to keep pressing into this journey to FULL healing..especially since I'm experiencing results right away with this new treatment! Thank you all for being a part of the journey with me. ♥ Your love, prayers, and support are treasured. Praying God blesses you all beyond measure and 100 times over how you have blessed me. Love you all! ♥

You can read about all of it HERE. :)


 Enter May 2nd!  Springtime is here and guess what??  

"Ice cream goes with springtime."~ Susan Hill  

Hence, we decided to get the ice cream out tonight...seemed like a good idea. ;)

But what's a girl to do who just got her blood work back saying she's allergic to eggs and DAIRY!  No ice cream? :(  Yikes...:-/ Thankfully, God created this amazing little round brown thing called a COCONUT!  And *SO DELICIOUS* Coconut Ice Cream is my new treat for when the fam's eating something I can't. :)  LOVE IT!  Just as good if not better than the *real* stuff. ;)

One of my new favorite things! <3

Coconut Ice Cream...MmmMmm...GOOD!

Yes, my sisters...they can be a little crazy on ice cream. ;)

My Sweet Little Miss Alivia Marie eating her ice cream. :)  She *always* makes me smile. Tonight she told me a joke that she had made up all by herself and it went like this:

Alivia: Knock, Knock
Me: Who's there?
Alivia: DeMass Family
Me: DeMass Family WHO?
Alivia: Don't you know your own family?!?  

 LOL!! She's a crack up thru and thru!!! :)

Angela and Timmy enjoying their ice cream :)  Aren't they cute?!

Little Miss Alivia, Micah, Larisa and Melanie...they're my family and my BEST friends. LOVE THEM!

Okaaaaay, this is me...needing to go to bed. Kinda stayed up too late writing this and posting these pictures.  But I needed too.  I needed to document remember who my Jesus is and how mightily HE works on behalf of those who love Him. <3  Every day with Jesus is a beautiful day! :)

To anyone who reads this I send you love, prayers and cheering you on in this adventure we call L.I.F.E.!!

Monica Nicole


  1. Oh Monica, what a testimony! Our God is so GOOD and His FAITHFULNESS endures forever! Thank you for your beautiful example of trust and submission to Him. SO SO GLAD to hear the good report, girl! Been praying for you! It can be so easy to give in to fear sometimes, but it all really boils down to this, doesn't it? Do I trust Him to do what He says He will or do I not?
    Anyways, love you and thank you for this update!

  2. Monica, I love how positive you ALWAYS are! Your conviction in our God is so amazing and your light inspires me :) I miss you very much and would love to see you and your family soon! Please let me know what days work for you :)

    Hope to see you soon!

  3. Dear Abby, Hello there dear friend! Thank you for the prayers and comment and for being my health buddy cheer leader in learning to TRUST Him. We're in this together, friend. <3 :) LOVE YOU! ~Monica

  4. Dear Elle, Hey there girl! Awww...thank you. I miss you, too! Wanna come over this weekend?? :)

  5. Monica, I can so totally feel for you! God DOES provide!!! When I started treatments I had no idea HOW I would pay for everything. So far I've had nearly $60,000 of expenses, but God provided and I'm NOT in debt! I hope someday I'll be able to bless others financially as they've blessed me! Your faith inspires me! -andrea


Well "hey" there!!

Always good to hear from you. :)

God bless you with a *beautiful* day.