Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today....was a good day. :)  Still struggling with many things...still asking God, "Why?"...still confused...still hurting...still shedding tears...still very desperately needing my Jesus as my strength to get me thru each day.  But oh, so very much encouraged by my God for all the promises He gave me today and little blessings to remind me that He does love me and hasn't forgotten about me. <3  <3

Do you ever wonder if God really hears your prayers?  Well....that's kinda how I've been feeling lately...but this was God's answer to me this morning: "NO PRAYER is EVER lost, or any prayer ever breathed in vain.  There is NO SUCH THING as prayer unanswered or unnoticed by God, and some things we see as refusals or denials are simply delays."~Horatius Bonar  That was God's answer to me...keep praying...keep pressing in to Him...keep claiming His promises...for it is not in vain.  He WILL answer...maybe not as quickly as I would like. But He WILL answer...He promised to answer and just like He said to Moses in Numbers 11:23 "Is the Lord's hand shortened?  Now you shall see whether MY WORD will come true for you or not."  Now I am about to see...Monica Nicole DeMass is about to see if God's Word will come true or not...and since His Word has ALWAYS come true in the past, I know it will come true now as well. :)  Amen and Praise the Lord. <3

"I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  WAIT on the Lord; Be of good courage, and He shall STRENGTHEN your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord."~Psalms 27:13-14  Soooo much sweet, sweet peace that trascends ALL understanding washed over me as I read that verse in my devotions this  morning.  <3  Thank You, Jesus.  I WAS losing heart...I was...just like the verse says..."I would have lost heart, unless..."  Unless what?  At the edge of my seat needing to know as I read that verse...:)  "UNLESS I had believed that I would SEE the goodness of the Lord in the land of the Living."  Unless I had BELIEVED...that is my job right now.  Believing...believing in HIS faithfulness, goodness and love for me...believing in His promises and love even when my physical mind and emotions don't see or feel His Love.  Thank you, God.

"I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future."~ E. Stanley Jones  And that is enough for me...knowing that JESUS holds the future of my life. <3

The last thing I want to share was in part of my devotional reading for tonight: "When God tells you to call on Him, He will deal compassionately with you.  You are NOT urged to pray in the hour of trouble to experience deeper disappointment.  GOD knows that you have trouble enough without the added burden of unanswered prayer.  The Lord will not unnecessarily add even a quarter of an ounce to your burden.  When He tells you to call on Him, you may call on Him without fear of failure.  So plead the time, plead the trouble, plead the command, and then plead with God.  Speak reverently, but with belief, "Lord, it is You Yourself to whom I appeal.  You said, "Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you" (Psalms 50:15).  So Lord, by Your truth, by Your faithfulness, by Your immutability, and by Your love, I, a poor sinner, heartbroken and crushed, call on You in the day of trouble."  If I were in trouble, I would pray like David, Elijah, or Daniel in the power of this promise, "Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me."~Charles Spurgeon  Super awesome devotion!  Thank you, Jesus. <3  How does He always know EXACTLY what I need? Maybe cuz He made me...;) 

Ohhh...wait!  That wasn't the last thing!!  I had another special blessings today. :)  One of my dear freinds, Erin Kissling, came and picked me up and took me to my Drs appointment today. I have a weekly IV I have to get that takes about an hour and it can get SUPER boring just sitting there watching drip by drip...:)  But Erin was there to keep me company and that was a HUGE blessings. :) Love that girl so much!  Thanks, Erin. **forgive the bad pic quality...took it with my ipod.** ;)

Ahhhh....just thought of another special blessing! :)  My Florida friend and old Roommate from Headquarter days, Katie Vogel randomly called me today...haven't talked to her in MONTHS...  SHE CALLED TO SAY SHE WANTS TO COME VISIT ME NEXT MONTH!!  :)  Super cool. Fun having something to look forward too! It was a blessing to hear what God is doing in and thru her life as she is ministering to so many precious young girls with anorexia.  What an awesome ministry God has given her.  Great time of fellowship and prayer on the phone and looking forward to her visit next month. :) 

Thank you, Jesus for another day of L.I.F.E.!!!  You are good...and all that You do is good....even when we don't understand...You can be trusted. <3  <3

Okay, Good night and Goodbye to July 10th, 2012.  Looking forward to another day of falling more in love with Jesus tomorrow. <3

Blessings on you as you continue to see Jesus...even more thru the hard times. <3

Monica Nicole

"Live like you'll die tomorrow, die like you'll live forever. LOVE like you'll leave tomorrow, knowing that love lasts forever."~Rich Mullins


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