Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Josiah & Erin Kissling

I get to write another "Once Upon a Time Story"!! :)  

*Once upon a time*...in a land far, far...oh wait, it was only like an hour and half away.  Ok, restart...when I was around 15 years old I found myself in the back seat of a 15 passenger van on the way to big fancy SSI Banquet (Student Statesmanship Institute) sitting next to a beautiful, sweet, kind girl. Totally hit it off with her and was sad she lived a little over an hour away...which meant the possibility of us hanging out as friends much was probably slim since neither of us could even drive yet.   Our paths crossed a few times over the next few years...but our friendship became much more close and solid when her and Josiah's love story unfolded.  They got married and moved to Lansing (practically right next door to Haslett)!!  And Erin...that girl....wow...can't even begin to explain the amazing friend she was to me that first year they moved here.  The whole Winter I spent in bed...really sick...super weak...and many days discouraged.  But Erin would come over while Josiah was at work and lay next to me in bed and we would just talk and laugh for hours.  What a true friend and what a LIGHT she was to me during those dark days.  If Pollyanna ever took human form...it would be Erin. ;)  So, in celebration of HER LIFE which has touched mine and her beautiful, amazing family....here are some pictures I had the privilege of taking.

Thankful to know this awesome family! Even though they are both actually younger than me...I have always looked up to them because their character, love for God and love for each other is such an example to me!  I'm blessed to know you guys and LOVED taking your pictures! :)

Thanking God for the beauty of life and the ability to capture forever, precious moments in time with just the snap of a button on my camera!  How cool is that? ;)  Okay, Good night, world. :) Rest in the faithfulness and love our God tonight.


"Live like you'll die tomorrow, die like you'll live forever. Love like you'll leave tomorrow, knowing that love lasts forever."~Rich Mullins


  1. love our story! you are such a blessing to me too, Monica. God has, and is, greatly using your life. thank you for serving Him. love ya~


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