Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just a fun relaxing evening with the Fam...:)

I love evenings with my family!  They're the best!  Fun, relaxing, full of laughter, joy, deep conversations, and watching the little kids do what little kids do. :)  People ask me all the time what it's like to be the oldest of 12 kids...I never know exactly how to explain it, but it's never boring that's for sure! :) I feel incredibly blessed to be a big sister to 11 precious lives...getting to experience life with each of them...their smiles, tears, joy, heartache...every life is so precious.

And if it isn't the two little trouble makers themselves. ;)  You wouldn't believe what these two little mischief makers conjure up together.

Below is Gideon being silly with a blue blanket. :)

And here's the unfinished girls bathroom that is being worked on and fixed up by so many amazing volunteers right now!  I was playing with the settings on my camera....haha...WAY overexposed...but I still thought it looked cool.

Here's Stephen working on the girls bathroom...Sam and Gideon wanted to watch their big brother work.  And then they started mimicking him doing their own thing.  It was really funny! :)

 Hi Sam!  Do you wanna be an electrician when you grow up just like your big brother, Stephen? :)

Here's the little boys trying to do everything Stephen was doing. :) top off the night...Hannah Kissling came over and visited with all of us! So awesome having her join our family evening.  Love that girl. :) We had a fun time reminiscing old memories...camping trip experiences...etc. etc.  She's practically part of the family. :)

So this song has been making me smile literally alllllll night...I keep playing it over and over!  I think it's adorable. I am so ready for the Christmas Season. <3

Alright, just wanted to share a little of the joy of last night in pictures. Cherish every moment with your loved ones because time doesn't last forever. <3


P.S.  I just HAVE to share something that TOTALLY stopped by Josiah and Erin Kissling's house tonight (They are in the post below) and then later in the evening Erin shot me a text saying that her little son, Josh had prayed, "Thank you that Monica could come over tonight.  I love how you made her."  haha!  Awww...Love that little buddy of mine! He's so sweet. :)

"Live like you'll die tomorrow, die like you'll live forever. Love like you'll leave tomorrow, knowing that love lasts forever."~Rich Mullins

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