Monday, November 12, 2012

Micah & Andrea Kissling

Once upon a time...I met a girl named Andrea (Although I prefer to call her *Annie*). She lived in the far away land of South Carolina and days of seeing her were few, but phone calls were quite frequent and dearly prized. A visit to Michigan ensued in her meeting an incredible man named Micah, who I had grown up with.  They were quite the match and fell madly in love.  Of course I was a fan of them falling in love because that meant she would move to Michigan!!  And now...several years later...she is still one of my very dearest friends and she is also a mother to 3 beautiful children and wife to the awesome, Micah Kissling. 

This is their family. :)

And there ya have it folks!  A few of my favorite pictures of this precious family. :)  Love you guys dearly.  Thank you for letting me take your pictures.

Now on to downloading pics of an equally amazing and precious family...Micah's brother, Josiah and his family! :)  Love pictures and capturing forever in time the people and faces of those friends and family I treasure. 


Remember..the best camera is the one you have with you!!  Capture moments...whether it's the nicest DSLR camera out there or your super blurry phone camera.  Pictures really are worth a thousand words!


  1. Dear Monica! I didn´t know you took family sessions :D that´s awesome! They´re really nice :) GOD bless you friend! Miss you lots.

    1. Oh Thank you, Marian!! :) God bless you, too and I am definitely missing you as well. Praying a trip to Mexico to see you is someday in my future. ;)

  2. You are SO incredibly Talented! God has blessed you so much in this way :) I miss you tons and pray for your health daily and am so happy to hear that today was a good day :)

    1. Awww....Elle, thank you SO much for praying for me daily. WOW!! You just totally blessed me beyond words by telling me that. That means so much to me. I miss you, too! We really should do something sometime...or at the very least catch up on the phone. Love you!


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