Monday, December 31, 2012

In my Bible reading yesterday my eyes stopped at this line, "God remembered Noah." (Genesis 8:1) I read and re-read it over and over and seemed to JUMP off the page and become real.  But instead of saying, "Noah" said, "Monica." 

God remembered Monica...

God remembered (_____) Insert your name. <3 

Tears filled my eyes realizing that the moments I may FEEL like God has forgotten me, or the moments you may feel like God has forgotten you are the very moments He is right beside us, holding us...looking into our tear-filled eyes saying, "My child, I'm here. I REMEMBER You. I will never forget you. I've got you and I have a plan for your life."  You don't have to be perfect for God to remember don't even have to be good....He will remember you no matter what. No matter what you say or matter how many times you fall down, mess up...or think He's forgotten about you...He's right there and He's got YOU on His mind 24/7 every single day of the year!  YOU and ME are HIS TRUE LOVE and He delights in thinking about us literally ALL the time! <3  Isn't that comforting?

Yes...three words.  "God remembered Noah". (Genesis 8:1)  And it brought a day full of joy knowing I, Monica Nicole DeMass, in all my imperfections and flaws was on HIS heart and on HIS mind. <3  

"How PRECIOUS to me are your thoughts, O God!  How vast is the sum of them!  If I would count them, they are more than the sand. I awake, and I am still with you." ~Psalms 139:17-18

Oh Precious One, if you are doubting His remembrance of you and your life...doubt no further. <3  He loves you!  He loves me!  And just like He remembered Noah...He remembers us. His thoughts out number the grains of sand!  That truth alone should erase any doubt from our minds of His forgetting us. <3

Just a few thoughts for the day. :)



  1. Amen!! What an encouraging post Monica!! I am so glad that God remembers us!! This post made me think of one of my favorite Psalms- Psalm 139 <3.
    Yesterday in church our Pastor preached out of Malachi 3:17 which talks about us being God's jewels!!Just think about that Monica!! We are seen as jewels in God's eyes!! And guess what? Jewels are precious, valuable, rare, and protected!! Isn't that the most wonderful thought? Love you girl and thanks for all your encouragement!!

    1. Awww....what a precious thought, girl! We are Christ's jewels! <3 Thank you for sharing that with me! I love it! <3 I love you and thank YOU for all the encouragement. <3 :) You bless me.


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