Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sister Shoot

 I can't believe my beautiful little sister turned 17 in October! Wow...where does the time go?  It seems like just yesterday I was praying every single night for a little sister after 3 brothers in a row!  I so clearly remember the day she was born....I wanted a sister soooooo bad....and God sent me Melanie Rose. LOVE this girl so much!!  I love her heart, her personality, her love for others, her sweet spirit, and the way she puts 200% into everything she does!  Like when she ran her marathon or was practicing for drama auditions...she goes above and beyond expectations and always rises to the occasion...whatever it is.  In honor of this being her senior year in high school we went to the Children's Gardens and MSU and I got to snap some pics of this beautiful girl! <3  :) 

"Sisters by friends by choice."  (Actually, GOD made us sisters...not chance...but that's how the quote goes...:)  I don't believe anything happens by chance. But it really is true that she is one of my best friends. <3 

Enjoy the pictures!! :)

Can you guess what her favorite color is?? ;)

And there you have it, folks! :)  More beautiful than Miss America...inside and out. ;)  

Love you, Melanie Rosebud!! <3 

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  1. Lovely photos! I can see the have the same smiles :-)



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