Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy *ALMOST* Spring dear friends!!  Wednesday, March 20th will be here before we know it! :)

And then comes April...

"Sometimes an April day suddenly bring showers...rain to grow the flowers for her first bouquet...every stars a wishing star the shines for you."

The thought of warm sunny days, *sunshine*, getting a TAN, flowers blooming, birds chirping, grassy meadows to explore and read books in, early mornings warm enough to go outside and watch the sun rise, hopefully several trips to Lake Michigan (our mini-ocean), FLIP FLOPS, being barefoot outside on our sand volleyball court, playing in the sprinklers with my little siblings, wearing knee-length jean skirts with black t-shirts and pink flip flops (my signature Summer outfit ;)), warm enough to lay out and watch for shooting stars at night, sand volleyball parties at my house, summer night bonfires...oh just the thought of all of those happy things makes my heart smile. <3 :) Thankful that SPRING is *ALMOST* here.  Just knowing I'll be able to be OUTSIDE soon...and not have it be so cold makes me really, really thankful.  Doing my devotions outside is my favorite place in the world to do them. <3  Soon and very soon...:) God is so good.

Yesterday and today have been awful, awful...awful days physically...  I think my new medication is making things worse for the pain and burning. Feeling like I'm walking thru mud up to my waist anytime I move. Yuck!! But ya know what I decided?  Since right now I feel like I'm 80 years old...when I'm 80 years old I'm gonna feel like I'm 25! ;)  Lord willing...:)  But as awful and as hard as the pain is right now...the fact that SPRING will soon be here is making me smile.  And "I like smiling...smilings my favorite." ;)

And so tonight..."My flesh also will REST in *HOPE*." ~Psalms 16:9   And another verse Jesus gave me, "In YOUR presence is FULLNESS of Joy." ~Psalms 16:11  Fullness of Joy, when?  When I have FULL health and no pain??  No...Fullness of JOY in HIS presence. I can have full joy NOW...because I can enjoy **His presence NOW**. <3  Thankful for this truth and promise!

Lovingly and joyfully,


  1. Keep going precious girl! Thanks for your sweet friendship and prayers and heart for God. Taking you before the throne tonight that you will sleep well and be strengthened at least inwardly - with great JOY! Love you!

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I feel like I just felt a breath of fresh air enter my soul knowing you are praying for me tonight. <3 Praying for you, too! xoxo


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