Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blessings = Flowers & Brothers

Hi Dear Ones,

I posted a very similar post to this one on my Lyme Journey can see it by clicking: HERE.  It's been a long, hard week with fighting this infection, being in so much pain and not being able to eat very much.  But Jesus has been so real and dear and precious thru every moment.  "Splashes of Heaven" as Joni Erickson Tada calls moments with Jesus amidst pain. <3  A few of my "Splashes from Heaven" blessings happened the past few days....and I thought I'd share a few of the pictures on here. :) 

*PINK* Veggies. :)  Since super SOFT veggies are all I have been able to handle lately...I've been eating as many as my stomach can  handle.  In this bowlful my Mom had combined beets with zucchini, potatoes and carrots...and they all turned *PINK* from the beets. ;)  Made me SMILE....  *PINK* always makes me smile. :)

My Sweet Neighbor and her daughter brought me a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of get-well flowers on Friday.  It brightened up my day and cheered me up so very much. <3  :)  Thank you, dear neighbors!  The flowers have been brightening up my little corner by the couch ever since.  I ADORE looking at them and of COURSE had to take some pictures of them. :) 

I LOVE little special *PINK* bows. :) 

Isn't this the most *PERFECT* rose you have ever seen?  <3  In real life it's actually a beautiful fuchsia PINK...but looks red in the picture.  I LOVE this rose...I think I will need to dry and save it forever. :)

And just one more to document such a pretty bouquet! :) 
What is life without precious little ones who like to attack and cuddle you?? :)  Oh, how I pray that all their young memories of time with me isn't always on my "sick couch."  I pray SOON I'll be able to make memories with them climbing trees, and running and playing tag and all the other active things that little kiddos like.  But until I am all better and can be more active, I'm thankful for cuddle time with my precious little bro's! 
And sometimes...if I get up for something...they like to overtake my spot on the couch!  LOL. :)
Silly faces. ;) 

Little Boy after my own heart! <3  He LOVES walking around with Mom's camera and telling people to "say CHEESE!!!" and he snaps their picture. ;)  Gideon is only 2!!  Haha...I am starting them young developing a love for photoraphy. ;) 

Just a few of my "splashes from Heaven" from the past few days. :)

With Love,

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