Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let it Be Said of Us...

 Dear Precious Ones,

 So much on my mind I'd like to write about tonight...the Boston Marathon Bombing and how grateful I am that my dear friends who were there survived...what God was showing me in His Word my discouragement was turned around as I just started praying Scripture back to God today and so many other things.  But alas, my body and mind are so weary right now...I don't feel like I have the energy to sit up for much longer.  But I would like to share the song below.  It blessed me tonight and I hope it blesses you as well.

Oh Friends, may we be faithful with this short, fleeting life that Jesus has so graciously given. May we not go to His throne empty handed...but may we finish this race strong...redeeming the time and making every second count for eternity!

Oh, how this song is my prayer I am breathing tonight on my lips for my life and the lives of each and every one of my brothers and sisters in Jesus. <3

Know that I am praying for YOU!  Yes, anyone who happens across my prayers are with you that Jesus blesses you in a special way and overtakes you with a desire for HIM and His Kingdom. <3

Love Always,


  1. Dearest Monica, Thank you for this song. We sang it in church on Sunday. Remembering the words have helped MY heart! Praying for you and hoping to call you sometime soon =)

    1. Looking forward to your call, Hannah! <3 That is so awesome that you guys sang it at church...we have never sung it at my church before...I had never heard it until I heard it on a friends blog. :) Love you!


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