Thursday, June 13, 2013

 I'm doing a read-thru-the Bible in a year program and currently am reading thru Psalms.  God has been encouraging my heart SO much reading thru the Psalms this past week.  Countless encouraging promises, scriptures full of comfort and challenging edification.  I've actually wanted to write several posts on here regarding different verses that really stood out to me since my last post on here back in April.  But for some reason...EVERY computer/laptop in our house WOULD NOT let me log onto "blogger".  Strange...I know.  I tried my best to figure out if it was a computer/internet provider or server problem...but never could get an answer.  It didn't work earlier today....and then just so happened to work tonight. Praise the Lord! :-) 

So...tonight one of the verses that really caught my eye was " who SEEK GOD, let your hearts REVIVE." ~Psalms 69:32b  It stopped me in my tracks and I started looking it up in different versions.

ESV: " who seek God, let your hearts revive."

AMPLIFIED: " who seek God, inquiring for and requring Him (as your first need), let your hearts revive and live!"

NKJV: " who seek God, your hearts shall live."

KJV: "...and your heart shall live that seek God."

It made me start asking several questions...  How do I SEEK God?  Like REALLY seek God?  How do I seek Him enough for my heart to REVIVE?  I loved how the Amplified Version put it..."requiring (JESUS) as your FIRST need". <3  It's amazing how God ALWAYS sends us the perfect verse for *exactly* what we are going thru that very day and that very moment.  Because just this morning when I was spending time with God I was asking myself..."Monica, are you really putting Jesus first in EVERY area of your life?"   Is He the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning?  Is He the last thing I am meditating on/thinking about when I go to sleep at night?  Tonight my prayer is that I would TRULY learn how to SEEK Jesus with ALL of my heart, ALL of my soul, ALL of my strength and ALL of my mind....that I would "require Him as my FIRST NEED" so that He can truly REVIVE my heart in Him. <3 

Someday...when I die...the only thing I really want to be rememebered by is that I was a girl who loved Jesus with everything inside of her.  That I loved every single person He put into my life with HIS love...and that everyone I came in contact with felt His presence in my life.  My prayer is that people WON'T see me...but that they will see JESUS in me. <3 "Lord, make me a crisis man.  Let me not be a mile-post on a single road, but make me a fork that men MUST turn one way or another in facing Christ in me." Jim Elliot  (One of the quotes written in the front of my Bible)

I know I have a long, LONG way to go to be the girl that Jesus wants me to be...and to be the girl that I am describing above. But I think Psalms 69:32b gave me a little glimpse into my responsibility of truly SEEKING Jesus so that HE can transform my life and my heart. <3 I MUST require HIM as my FIRST NEED. <3  Then, and ONLY then can he REVIVE my heart and transform it to be more like His. <3  Teach me how to SEEK You, Jesus. <3 Less of me and more of Jesus!  I shouldn't be thinking about facebook first thing in the morning or last at night....I must be thinking about Jesus... I can't do my stretching time first thing in the morning or last at must be Jesus time... He must always be first and foremost in my life. <3 Psalms 1:1 "but his delight is in the law of the Lord and on HIS law he meditates DAY and NIGHT."

Just a few thoughts/prayers/challenges from my devotions tonight. :)

Love Always,


  1. Thank you for this wonderful reminder, Monica...I just want you to know how your passionate love for Jesus has inspired me ever since I first met you! I DO see Him reflected in you, and that has always been such a blessing to me. That is a beautiful verse; even when life can seem "too much" He wants to heal and restore and make whole...He is all about life! Love you, girl; keep pressing on <3

    1. Awww...Abby, thank you for your sweet words. I love you so much! Praying for HIS HEALING on YOUR life SOON! <3 Glad we are in this journey *together*. Jesus was so good to me to put you in my life my Birthday twin!!! ;)


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