Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy First Day of Summer!!!

Happy June 21st!  One of my favorite days of the whole entire year because it officially marks the first day of Summer! :)  Captured some of the special memories of the day in pictures. :)

   Handsome Gideon :)

LOL...he started putting sand on Sam's back...;) 

 Timothy James! :)

 Timmy takes such good care of Sam! :)

 Take One and he is as happy as a lark! 

 Take two...this was after dinner and we had just informed him we had to go inside for bath time...NOT something he was happy about. His face changed so quickly. lol.  Poor little 2 year old...the hardships of being 2. ;)

 Little Miss Alivia....AKA: my twin ;)

 Volleyball court is all ready for Melanie's Open House on Sunday!  YAY! :)  

 Hard Working Benjamin. <3  He's such a good guy!

And there's a few of my pics to capture June 21st, 2013. :)  

Thank You, Jesus, for giving me another day of LIFE! <3 The next two days are going to be quite full and crazy.  GOOD CRAZY...but with so much more physical exertion than my body can usually handle.  So I am praying for added strength from my Jesus.  In my Bible Reading plan today I read this verse:
"The LORD is my STRENGTH & my song, and HE has become my salvation." ~Psalms 118:8  Thank you, Jesus for this promise!  It was EXACTLY what I needed to not feel apprehensive about Saturday and Sunday. <3  YOU will be my will give me the strength for everything that YOU want me to do. Thank you, Jesus.  I love you! 

Love Always,

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