Saturday, July 27, 2013

There's just something I absolutely LOVE about Saturday mornings! <3 This morning I woke up a little before 6AM and totally meant to fall back asleep because I knew my body needed more rest with all the physical sickness I've been fighting this last week....but when sleep didn't come I readily got up, made my *adored* green tea and sat down to enjoy the sunrise, birds chirping, the peace and quiet and finished reading through the newest issue of my FAVORITE magazine.  Actually...really the only magazine I read.  It was FULL of excellent thought-provoking articles (as always) and I HIGHLY encourage every girl I know to read these bi-monthly set-apart girl articles.  So refreshing to be pointed to Jesus in such a sold-out way thru each of the issues.  I really appreciate Eric and Leslie Ludy and their ministry in Colorado.  Really hoping to visit someday and possibly even attend Ellerslie myself....but we'll see what God has in store for my life. :)  In the meantime,  treasuring early mornings when God wakes me up and I get to spend uninterrupted time with His prayer...listening to awesome sermons and reading thru great articles like the ones in the link below. <3  EARLY mornings must be one of my all-time favorite times of day. <3  Thankful that time with Jesus can especially be enjoyed on early, quiet Saturday mornings...<3 Often times, it's the long, uninterrupted fellowship that I desperately need with Him. <3 :)  Thanking Jesus for Saturday mornings! <3


"You are as safe and as real as your quiet time.  Never miss your quiet time with God every morning." ~Keith Daniels

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  1. Monica...I enjoyed reading some of those articles SO much! Thanks for sharing the link and your little thoughts on Saturday mornings with Jesus. I know just what you mean ;)

    I can't wait to see you in person in just a couple more weeks <3!!!!


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