Sunday, August 4, 2013

I don't normally post my Facebook Status on my Blog...but this is EXACTLY how I feel RIGHT NOW.  Just GRATEFUL to be ALIVE! <3 

Facebook Status: August **Shooting Stars**...BIG cups of green tea...OLD books...faithful TRUE friends..."writing with Light" (aka: *photo-graphy*)...reading Love Letters from my KING of KINGS...adding to the lovely "bucket list" journal for when the Doctors finally let me off of mostly bed rest (WATCH OUT WORLD)...FAMILY...deep breaths of Summer air...feeling the SUN against my face...realizing and taking in that EVERY NEW DAY is one of the GREATEST gifts EVER...*PINK* sparkly nail polish (never gets old ;))...LITTLE KIDS...Winnie the Pooh Quotes...Keith Daniels Sermons...being SO fascinated with words that I just grab a dictionary and start reading thru it (please tell me I'm not weird and I'm not the ONLY one who does this for fun!!!)...stories of growing up from Grandpa...Bible studies with family & friends...the privilege of being an adopted big sis' to precious little girls...the honor of holding hands with darling friends walking HARD, HARD roads but SEEING JESUS SO BEAUTIFULLY in their *pain* that JESUS NEVER WASTES...fresh picked blueberries, cherries and strawberries...seeing over & over that "IMPOSSIBLE" is NOT in God's vocabulary...bluebird watching from the formation watching...memorizing bones and muscles in my human anatomy books *just for fun*...going BAREFOOT...seeing dreams come true in the lives of the DEAREST people around me...ANNE OF GREEN GABLES NIGHTS...flip flops...yes, these are the things that make me smile, for which I am grateful for today and that makes Summer absolutely AMAZING!!!! LIFE.IS.BEAUTIFUL....GOD.IS.REAL...DREAM BIG..CHERISH.THIS.MOMENT...because you won't get it back. ‪#‎onethousandgifts‬

How do YOU feel right now? :) 


I can hardly move right now from the pain racking my body...but Jesus is just TOTALLY taking my focus off of the pain and ONTO ALL the INCREDIBLE things I have to be so thankful for! <3 

LOVE this Song from one of my favorite movies, October Baby!  I know my story is so different from hers in the movie…but I don’t know if I ever connected with a character in a movie as much as I connected with hers.  The physical pain and limitations, the years of questions, asking God why, loving friends who have never left my side thru it all for even a moment, needing to work thru everything, having to literally *FIGHT* for answers…even traveling long distances to see Doctors and have tests done, people misunderstanding her and thinking she was “faking” being sick for attention, not having a “normal” life (who does have a normal life, tho??)…and on and on….connected with her SO much…probably a LOT of people can relate to her character in one way or another…but ultimately, what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE about the movie and Gianna Jessen’s story is that SHE FOUND JESUS, HIS GRACE, HIS SUFFICIENCY….thru ALL the pain…all the questions…she found out that HE WAS ENOUGH!!! <3  And that thru the pain….LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL…every moment…in the pain…in the tears…there’s ALWAYS something beautiful…because in Jesus, we are complete and in Jesus is the “perfection of beauty”. <3  I don’t need healing for LIFE to be beautiful….it’s beautiful now, it’s beautiful today…this moment…whether I have a good day or a bad day physically….LIFE.IS.BEAUTIFUL. <3  Pretty sure this resting afternoon might need to include this movie. :) 

(Not the type of music I usually listen too...but a song that I just so loved the words today!)

Gianna Jessen: the Girl the Movie is about...POWERFUL stuff.


Thank you, Jesus for LIFE!  Thank You for all that you teach us through the hard things...the easy things...the SMILE moments...the tears streaming down our face moments...the SUN SHINING ALL DAY MOMENTS...the Storm clouds raging all night moments...oh Jesus, thru it ALL...every second of every day no matter what happens LIFE.IS.BEAUTIFUL because YOU are here...holding us...carrying us...teaching us to LOVE YOU MORE and OTHERS MORE. <3  Nothing happens without a purpose or plan.  Teach us to LIVE HARD FOR YOU...Holding NOTHING back from you...<3 

"A perfect heart is not one that does nothing wrong, a perfect heart is one that holds nothing back from Jesus." ~Bill Gothard

Jesus...teach me to have a perfect heart towards You...<3  It is NOT a fearful thing to GIVE YOU EVERYTHING and TRUST YOU WITH ALL...I tremble at the thought sometimes of opening up my clenching fist and holding NOTHING back from You...but it is only when we let go of everything that doesn't matter that we are able to hold onto all the things that DO matter in life. <3 

Verse for today: “The LORD is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeketh him.  It is good that a man should both HOPE and quietly WAIT for the salvation of the Lord.” ~ Lam. 3:25-26

Oh, for Grace to Trust YOU more! <3

Love Always,

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