Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Dear Adopted Big Sis, Amy, is over in Romania right now getting ready to do several conferences for girls.  She shares so many precious, deep, freeing truths in such a beautiful way that I wish ALL girls in the whole world could hear her.  SO excited for the opportunity God brought her to share her love for Jesus with the girls in Romania. <3  <3  I had the privilege of visiting her in Minnesota last February when she was first approached with this opportunity...and it's been SOOOO exciting for me to watch it grow from an idea to a reality!  We serve such a beautifully BIG amazing God! <3  <3 <3 <3 Praying against all of Satan's attacks, for the girls hearts to be open, for lives to be changed for eternity and for the health, strength and grace for Amy and everyone who will be assisting her! <3

I love you, Amy!  Praying for you Dear One. <3  And Praying for the girls of Romania! <3


  1. Dearest Monica,

    THANK YOU for your love for Jesus, your big sis, and the girls of Romania!!! <3 We have SUCH an amazing Savior!!! He is so faithful and answered your prayers in beautiful ways - as only He can!!! I am in awe of Him. <3 Thank you and everyone else who was praying - I know that the ways He moved reach beyond our wildest dreams that we will only see in eternity!!!

    I love you dearly!

    1. Oh Darling Amy! It was such a blessing to be in prayer for you and your team while you were all over there! <3 I love you so much and I am convinced that the seeds you planted while you were over there will keep blooming til and into eternity. <3 <3

      Love ya sis!


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