Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Walks, Blue Skies, and a dear Friend <3

It was so nice to have my dear friend, Deborah come visit me today and bring along her little buddy, Thomas. :)  We were 5 year old Ballet Buddies together back in the day. Deborah and Thomas (named after Thomas the Tank Engine ;)) went with me on my "marathon training" walk....which isn't very long currently...but it's WAY better than what I was doing a few months ago! :)  It was a treat to have such a good friend along for the walk and the weather was gorgeous!  So grateful! 

She brought me some *DAIRY FREE* chocolate!! What a treat!!! :)  How did she know that I've been desperately missing chocolate and and that Chili Chocolate is my favorite?!?! <3  Thank you, Deborah! <3

Wow!  They grow up so fast!  Here's Ben on the day he had his FIRST MAIDEN VOYAGE driving all by himself with his BRAND.NEW.DRIVERS.LICENSE!!!  Where does the time go??  I remember so clearly the day he was born! ;)  Congratulations, Benjamin!  Here's Ben & Timmy heading out for one of their many Lawn Mowing Jobs with B&T Lawn Care.  :)  So proud of them! If you need any work done around your house...these are the guys to call!  They'll get 'er done and do a great job!


Big Sis' is proud of you! ;) All the hours he practiced driving taking me to Doctor's appointments and then patiently sitting and waiting until I was done is paying off...HE HAS HIS LICENSE! :)  

Too Cute!  Gideon saw Deborah and I walking her dog, Thomas and so he wanted to walk his "dog" (horse). ;)  Lol....  I love this boy. <3

Documentation of today in pictures. :)

Feeling Blessed and Loved in so many ways that I do not deserve. <3 

Love Always,
Monica Nicole


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