Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beautifully amazing what an hour of PRAISE can do...<3 :)

Tonight I found myself battling an attitude that was anything but Christ-like.  Totally just wanted to complain about feeling like a "prisoner on the couch"...realizing that it's been over 4 weeks now that I've been hardly able to walk or sit up...I started focusing on wanting to be rollerblading, biking, going to all the Fall Harvest Parties, Apple Picking, making Apple Cider and all my other favorite Fall-ish activities....and then I started thinking that I would be totally content if I just had the arm strength to brush my hair...or leg strength to walk to my bedroom and pick out my outfit for the day instead of relying on my sisters and mom for literally everything right now.  My mind was racing and started filling with complaining thoughts...then I remembered **Paul & Silas** (Acts 16:16-40) ....and their experience in prison.  Read thru their story of imprisonment...way worse than mine!  Convicted for sure!  Decided to follow their example of praising JESUS until HE brought the victory and deliverance...

Praise Songs and Hymns for the next hour...singing along as I could from my little sickbed. :) The richness and depth of so many of those songs touching my heart!  Instantly the "chains" of discouragement started lifting!  God inhabits the PRAISES of HIS people. (Psalms 22:3)  Amazing what a little bit of praise can do!  Pretty sure it's one of the greatest remedies....Singing to Jesus and Praising Him! <3  SO much to be grateful for!  So much beauty...all found in Him. <3

El Shaddai, Days of Elijah, All I have is Christ, Still My Soul, In Christ Alone, Blessed Assurance, grateful for many men and woman of the faith who have written such powerful songs. <3

"El Shaddai...El Shaddai...Age to Age You're still the same by the power of YOUR Name." <3

"Behold He COMES!  Riding on the Clouds!
Shining like the sun, at the trumpet call,
Lift your voice, it's the year of Jubilee
Out of Zion's hill SALVATION comes!" <3

"Hallelujah...ALL I have is CHRIST!!  Hallelujah...Jesus is MY LIFE." <3

 "God You are my God
And I will trust in You and not be shaken
Lord of peace renew
A steadfast spirit within me
To rest in You alone."

 "Still my soul be still
Do not forsake
The Truth you learned in the beginning
WAIT upon the Lord
And HOPE will rise as STARS appear when day is dimming"  <3

"For I am His and He is mine -
Bought with the precious blood of Christ."


  1. WOW... that's an encouragement! Praise HIS NAME, our Savior!

    1. Yes Dear Girl...Praise is such a great weapon against Satan's lies and discouragement. <3 Praise the Lord for HIM giving us SO much to praise about! :)

  2. Those songs are some of my very favorites!! I play them on the piano quite often. =) Keep on praising our heavenly Father!! Love you!!

    "When trials come no longer fear
    For in the pain our God draws near
    To fire a faith worth more than gold
    And there His faithfulness is told
    And there His faithfulness is told.

    Within the night I know Your peace
    The breath of God brings strength to me
    And new each morning mercy flows
    As treasures of the darkness grow
    As treasures of the darkness grow.

    I turn to Wisdom not my own
    For every battle You have known
    My confidence will rest in You
    Your love endures Your ways are good
    Your love endures Your ways are good.

    When I am weary with the cost
    I see the triumph of the cross
    So in its shadow I shall run
    Till He completes the work begun
    Till He completes the work begun.

    One day all things will be made new
    I'll see the hope You called me to
    And in your kingdom paved with gold
    I'll praise your faithfulness of old
    I'll praise your faithfulness of old."

    (Keith & Kristyn Getty)

    1. Katherine! I can't thank you enough dear girl for the precious, precious song you wrote out for me from Keith and Kristyn Getty! Amen to every word! <3 I would LOVE to hear your play all those beautiful hymns on the piano someday....<3 I sure hope that works out one of these days. ;) Maybe I can come visit Hannah sometime and see you, too! :) <3


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