Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

Someday, you may randomly meet someone states away from home at a High School Music Competition at Bob Jones University.  You just might get ready together for a special evening banquet and have no idea the role they will play in the rest of your life. <3  And that is just what happened when I met Andrea in 2004 down in South Carolina. <3 We met...become fast close friends...kept in touch over phone and by e-mail.

She came to visit me in 2007...and then about a month later I went to visit her...:)

 South Carolina, 2007 at Andrea's Church :)  Lots of REALLY funny memories were made including alligators in the trees...midnight p&J girl sandwiches...make-up fun in the mall etc.  Many deep, encouraging moments were shared by the time spent in prayer and studying God's Word together.  We started reading thru Streams in the Desert and going thru Psalms each month...we were also memory verse partners for quite some time and I don't think anyone has ever challenged me to memorize as much Scripture as Andrea did!!! <3  Moments are etched in my heart forever where we challenged each other to not just live a normal life...but to live a set apart life for our Jesus.  So grateful for the comrade Jesus sent me in "Annie".  

Summer of 2008 we went on another adventure together by spending a month in Nebraska doing some political campaigning. :)  Fun, fun times!  She had ALSO just gotten engaged to an incredible young man I had grown up with.  So when we weren't working we were planning for her future wedding and move to MICHIGAN! :) 

 In 2009 she got married to her best friend, Micah! They had a gorgeous wedding and I was so blessed to be a part of it. <3

Fast Forward to 2011 and Micah & Andrea have two of the MOST ADORABLE little kids ever, Gilbert and Megan. <3  LOVE THIS FAMILY SO MUCH.  Had a lot of fun taking these family pictures of them.

Fast forward again to 2012 and this lovely family has grown by another precious blessing and added BRITTON. :) <3  

Fast forward again to 2013 and their little kids are growing so quickly so fast!!  And next year there will be a 4th little Kissling girl to add to the picture! <3

 Current 2013 picture of US! :)

Grateful for dear friends like Andrea who just grow fonder to my heart as the years go by. <3  Had fun reminiscing our memories today and wanted to share them on the blog.

Time goes by so quickly. Cherish Moments...Cherish Life...Cherish your Family...and Cherish friends who draw you closer to Jesus.

Love you, Annie! <3  Super happy I got to see you this past Sunday and take these pictures of you and your dear family!


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