Monday, December 2, 2013

DeMass Family Thanksgiving 2013

    First Thanksgiving where we had FOUR generations! <3  Such a precious day.  LOVE all the memories my family made together. <3

  Dad, Grandpa, Stephen and little 1 week and 3 day old baby Beric Christopher. :)  ((FOUR generations!  How cool is that?! ;))

Beric watching his Mommy and Daddy play Football outside in the snow for the very first time. ;)  But I'm sure it won't be the last! 

All the bro's about to play the annual Thanksgiving DeMass Brothers Football Games. :) Dad, Ben, Timmy, Stephen, Micah and Adam.  They put black ink on their faces to make themselves more "football official". :) 

Let the Football Games Begin!!

 Amy using her eye liner to make Beric look more like Daddy with football streaks on his face...;)

He's like "Mommy! What are you doing to me??" lol...:) 
He is already destined to be a die-hard MSU fan...just like his Daddy. ;) 

 Awwwww!!!  I love watching my brother being a Daddy!  He's SUCH a GOOD one!! :-)  Beric already adores him. ;)

Love this sweet little family SOOOOOO much!! <3

The Girls and Grandma playing games around the table while the boys are playing football. :)

 Alivia LOVES being an AUNT! ;) <3 

My Dad is a GRANDPA...sounds so funny. ;)  But he is SO grateful to be one. :) 

 He watches his Daddy so intently. <3  

 Aunt Melanie! <3

Aunt Larisa! <3

Beric will never be lacking Aunts and Uncles who will want to hold him. <3 
I love this precious little bundle loads!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! <3


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