Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lead me to the Rock...

When my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” ((Psalms 61))

~ A little overwhelmed by learning more about the harm Lyme Disease is doing to my body... ~

This song has been such a comfort to me tonight.  It's been on repeat over and over again. <3

Today was just HARD...there's no way else to describe it...

On a physical standpoint...HOPE shouldn't be very high on my scale right now.  Treatment for Lyme is so painful and so expensive and many Doctors and patients have been saying it's just as hard to go through as chemo...

Sometimes I just have to STOP researching Lyme...researching treatment...and re-focus.  Re-focus on Jesus. <3  Re-focus on His HEALING Word.  On His promises of faithfulness....on His presence.
My new phrase: “Don’t tell God how big your Lyme Disease is…tell your Lyme Disease how BIG your GOD is!”

So thankful that my God is Jehovah Rapha…the Lord our Healer…and that because of Him Lyme has no authority over me. I have been feeling a lot sicker and weaker than normal the last few days…and also in quite a bit of pain…but I can’t begin to explain the comfort and hope and encouragement and refreshement that the Word of God brings. So thankful for Jesus! So thankful for His cross and for His shed blood that brings forgiveness and healing.

I don't know when the victory is coming...but I know it's coming.  I know tonight is one night closer...  

That's my theme right now...:-)

One Day closer...<3  

In the meantime...Jesus is enough.

So deeply, deeply enough. <3

Love Always,

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