Thursday, May 22, 2014

HIS Love...

This morning as I lay outside with my Bible in hand I came across two verses that spoke to my heart in a really deep way:

"In YOU they TRUSTED and were NOT disappointed."
 ~ Psalms 22:5

"The lovingkindness of God *endures* ALL.DAY.LONG." ~Psalms 52:1

What precious verses.  They both stopped me in my tracks and caused me to just lift my eyes up to the sky and ponder those 2 lines for awhile...  God is NOT going to disappoint me...EVER. I can trust Him. And even during the hard hours and through the long moments...HIS love ENDURES ALL day long.  Every second...every minute.  HE is there and HE is faithful. <3  Loved the warm embrace of HIS love that both of those verses gave to my heart today. Thank You, Jesus!  

Longing to fall more & more in Love with the beautiful Creater and Cherisher of my heart, Jesus Christ,

Love Always,

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