Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bethany's Visit

  It's after midnight and I really should be sleeping!  Buuut I tried to sleep for a good amount of time and sleep isn't coming due to the intense Ulcerative Colitis pain flare up I'm experiencing at the moment. :-/  I've spent literally HOURS & HOURS researching the past few days all about things that help bring down inflammation in the gut and am trying everything possible to avoid going on steroids next week.  Alas, I may have to go on them...but at least I've put forth a valiant effort not too.  Anyways!  To help get my mind off of researching UC Treatments and to get my mind off of all the pain I'm in I've been going through all the pictures that my brother, Adam took of Bethany and I this past week.  SOOOO much fun!! Perfect thing to get my mind off of UC.  Oh how I absolutely LOVED having her here. <3  You know when you meet someone and you just know an adventure is about to happen? ;-)  To borrow Winnie-the-Pooh's phrase! ;-) Well....Bethany was one of those few *instant* kindred spirits I met back in...2007 I think. So we have now been friends for 7 years!  Wow!  We met on a JTTH with ATI and had late night talks/prayer times together til 2AM and beyond in the morning. I couldn't believe we had SO much in common and were passionate about prayer and seeing revival here in America and so many other like-minded things drew us close to each other as well.  We made a pact that no matter how much time went in between seeing each other that we would always be there to pray for each other.  And that has been SUCH a blessing to me to have her there. happens and we can go for months...and sometimes even a year without talking.  But everytime we catch back up it's as if no time ever passed and I feel just as close to her as ever.  Having praying friends truly is one of the greatest gifts in the world! Bethany is....well, she's one of the most amazing girls I know.  I've always called her my "little Disney Princess"....haha!  So glad my family finally got to meet her so they know why I call her that.  She speaks so beautifully and eloquently and although she doesn't believe it, she doesn't really walk....she *waltzes* so beautifully. Very graceful and grace-filled kind of girl and has a passionate heart for Jesus that few I know posses.  I'm blessed to be her friend, blessed that she took time out of her busy schedule to come see and blessed that my brother, Adam took these pictures of us so that we can have these memories captured in time. <3 Oh...I forgot to mention....SHE'S GETTING MARRIED SOON!! :-D  Such a happy thing! I can't wait to meet her guy, Stephen.  He sounds so much like my brother, Stephen. :-) Good name!

Here's just a few of my favorites....I think we have almost 200 in total. LOL! ;-) neither of these jumping pics quite turned out.....but it was fun at least and we can get a good laugh out of them! lol. ;-) 

I love the sun shining in this one! :-)

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