Tuesday, August 5, 2014

So Many Reasons to Praise Him...

So many reasons to Praise Him,
So many reasons to Sing,
So many reasons to bow the knee and Worship My King,
Here in His presence I find Him,
Humbled, In Awe of His Love,
Faithful to every Promise He made,
Faithfulness straight from above.

His mercy and goodness and grace,
Abound to this weak heart of mine,
Every struggle I face disappears as I look in His face,
He carries me all the day long. 
Humbled, In Awe of His Love,
Faithful to every Promise He made,
Faithfulness Straight from above.

Oh for a heart that stays steadfast and true,
no matter the day or the hour,
oh for a heart worthy to honor my master, my Savior, My Love,
Humbled, in Awe of My Jesus,
Overwhelmed by His mercy and Care,
Thanking Him moment by moment.
For His faithfulness, I will not despair.

~By Monica Nicole DeMass

There is nothing grand about the written english or poetic form above except that those words just flowed right off my tongue today and I couldn't help but write them down.  I think it's the first poem/song I've personally written that I've ever included on my blog! :-)  God's presence was SO real....so very, VERY real today.   The physical pain this morning was intense and I found myself tempted to grumble and complain and so instead I grabbed a hymn book and headed outside to sing for however long I needed until the praise filled my heart and the discouragement/complaining spirit left.  Oh, how quickly it left!  The moment we start praising Jesus, Satan MUST flee.... what a beautiful weapon Praise is!!!  As I started singing and basking in communion with Him I almost felt as if there was a physical presence literally right beside me....I looked at the chair next to me and tears filled my eyes as I realized the presence I couldn't see was my Jesus....right there....right beside me.  Oh Jesus....how often have you longed to hear me sing praises to You and yet I chose to complain?  Oh, how VERY much He has so graciously saved me from and yet I still so often avoid praise and embrace self-pity.  It led me to sing and praise and thank Him all the more at feeling His precious presence in such a tender, sweet, reassuring and REAL way.  Mmmmm....thank You, Jesus.  It's not always that His presence is felt so deeply and in such a real way.....there are definitely the days and times we must press into prayer and time with Him when we feel Him not...but those moments when we can feel Him.  Oh bliss!  What a thing to cherish!!!! <3  The rest of the day my heart and spirit felt SO incredibly light!  Yes, the pain is still here....but it is completely masked by my Jesus being here!  He's right here!  Right beside me!  And all is alright because of Him. <3 

Dear Jesus,  teach me to always run to You in praise when the storm clouds roll in.  Teach me to always kneel at your feet when despair overwhelms my soul.  Teach me to always choose to TRUST You even when I don't understand....and teach me to always, always, ALWAYS keep that appointment with You each day.  When I'm blessed to feel Your presence as I felt today it breaks my heart thinking of the many times and many days I've completely disregarded You....my Lover...waiting to beckon me into your joy-filled, peace-bringing, life-giving, strength endowing arms. <3 Oh Jesus, keep me faithful to You.  

I love you so!  What a gift to have you as my Master, my Friend, my Savior, my Redeemer, my Father, my Lover, my Healer and my God. <3


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