Sunday, November 2, 2014

God's Wisdom

   The past three weeks have been extremely difficult with my health rapidly declining and Doctors once again not really having solid answers.  They have ideas and thoughts of what might be going on...but nothing concrete. This past Friday proved once again that what's going on inside my body is very much still an unknown mystery as I reacted to an IV that was supposed to help me.  November of this year marks the 9th year of struggling with an ongoing chronic illness....  God has very graciously been providing the money I need through the generous support of others.  Sending me sweet gentle encouragement through the prayers of friends & family.  Strengthening me with HOPE & PEACE in His Word & promises.  Right now I have so many decisions to make regarding treatments & clinics.  Researching & reading for hours on end about different clinics is extremely exhausting and emotionally draining.  There are successful testimonies & unsuccessful stories from each clinic and each form of treatment.  It's hard thinking about jumping into another routine that is supposed to work.....spending thousands of dollars...spending precious energy...days that won't ever be returned...only for it not to work....again.  Sitting up is pretty hard for me right I'm writing this as I'm laying down on the couch in the living room...propped up slightly.  EXTREMELY grateful to have hand strength enough to write least for this moment. All these decisions...all these unknowns...brings me again on my knees before my Jesus.  Asking for HIS wisdom & guidance...asking for HIS grace to be sufficient...for HIS help to keep on breathing through one more day...  Realizing that man's wisdom is foolishness compared to HIS perfect understanding & knowledge.  I spent some time praying this morning...asking for HIS wisdom, leading & direction in the next step.  And then...opened my Bible. ALWAYS is the case...was beyond blessed by HIS Words that came LEAPING off the page into my hungry-for-HIM heart. <3

"For the LORD GIVES WISDOM; from HIS mouth come knowledge and understanding; HE stores up SOUND WISDOM for the upright; HE is a SHIELD to those who WALK in integrity, guarding the paths of justice and watching over the way of HIS saints." ~ Proverbs 2:6-8

I read through that over and over.....  yes...thank You, Jesus!  That is EXACTLY what I need! <3  It seemed to relate to the fears of my health in SO many ways. 

1.) GOD GIVES wisdom, knowledge & understanding to His children regarding EVERY area of their lives.  EVERYTHING I need to know about beating Lyme Disease...HE will teach me and direct me in the path.  The path of choosing the right Doctors, clinics, medicines, treatments etc. He GIVES through "His mouth"....His Bible...His Words... I need more of His Word in my heart!  More of Jesus.

2.) He is a SHIELD for those of INTEGRITY. So many things about my health can scare me right now...but they shouldn't.  Because Jesus is my long as I am a woman of integrity.  A woman who seeks Jesus more than anything else.  A woman who knows her Bible....a woman who knows her Shepherd's whisper and listens to it above the shouts of the world...that woman, Jesus will protect by shielding her.  Lord, teach me to be a woman of integrity!

3.) "He watches over the way of His saints." - Doctors & tests & medicine & treatments & new clinics....those are all honestly REALLY scary to me because of all the bad experiences/accidental overdoses by Doctors/treatments I couldn't handle etc... And yet, what does this verse say?  Jesus WATCHES OVER the WAY of HIS saints. <3  None of what has happened to me was unknown to my Jesus....and nothing in the future is unknown to Him either.  I can trust Him...because He watches over my way. 

Three incredible promises from 3 precious verses ( Proverbs 2:6-8).  BUT...the question do we get there?  How do you know that God is going to give you wisdom or be your shield or watch over our way?  The answer can be found in the verses directly before:

"My son, if you RECEIVE MY WORDS and TREASURE UP MY COMMANDMENTS with you, making your EAR ATTENTIVE to wisdom and INCLINING YOUR HEART to UNDERSTANDING; yes, if you CALL OUT for INSIGHT and RAISE your VOICE for UNDERSTANDING, if you SEEK it like silver and SEARCH for it as for hidden treasures, ((((THEN)))) you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God."
 ~Proverbs 2:1-5  

Did you catch the ((((THEN))))?  So if we do what's asked of us BEFORE the THEN....God is able to bless us with the promises in Proverbs 2:6-8.  This is really exciting stuff! <3

1.) Receive God's Word
2.) Treasure His Commandments
3.) Make Ears Attentive to Wisdom
4.) Incline Heart to Understanding
5.) Call out for Insight
6.) Raise Voice for Understanding
7.) Seek for it like Silver
8.) Search for it like for Hidden Treasures 
 9.)  THEN-------> after all this ^^(1-8)^^ you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God. 

God continued to encourage me with many verses that went right along with the above verses.  Just re-confirming that HE is at work & I can trust Him.

"BLESSED are all who take REFUGE IN HIM." ~Psalms 2:12b

"YOU are a Hiding Place for me; you PRESERVE me from trouble; you SURROUND me with SHOUTS of DELIVERANCE." ~Psalms 32:7

"...steadfast love SURROUNDS the one who TRUSTS in the Lord." ~Psalms 32:10b

"For GOD ALONE my soul waits in silence; from HIM comes my salvation. HE ONLY is MY ROCK and MY SALVATION, MY FORTRESS; I shall not be greatly shaken." ~Psalms 62:1-2

"For GOD ALONE , O my soul, wait in silence, for MY HOPE is FROM HIM.  HE ONLY is MY ROCK and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken.  On God rests my salvation and my glory; my mighty rock, my refuge is God. Trust in Him at ALL times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us." ~Psalms 62:5-8

"How GREAT are Your works, O Lord!  your thoughts are very deep!" ~Psalms 92:5

So grateful for Jesus & His Word!  He brought so much reassurance that as I continue to seek His Word and in prayer that HE will bring the wisdom, knowledge & direction that I need for the next step in fighting Lyme Disease.  He will guard me & protect me because He is my God.

Praise the Lord!  Thank You, Jesus. <3

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  1. Precious, beautiful faith, Monica. Praying for you!

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I love you!! <3 Your card is cheering up my little "corner of the world". ;-) <3

  2. Monica, you are such a beautiful, dear bring such glory to God and honor to Jesus as you yield your life, and your health, to Him in obedience. As hard as these trying times are, know...KNOW, sister in Christ, that He is actively using you and your life, right here, right now, as His bright light shining in this dark world. I know you would never have chosen this trial to be the way you'd want to bring His message to the lost. But this isn't just "lost time you'll never get back." God NEVER wastes a single minute of your days when you are yielded to His purposes. It ALL counts, every single second of it. You, dear woman, are storing up for yourself treasures in heaven, treasures which will come through the fire of testing at the Judgement Seat of Christ as fine gold. Your works will be judged "WORTHY" on that day, your works of propping up your head so you can proclaim His goodness and His faithfulness with your tired and aching hands as you type on your keyboard. He knows you, Monica, and He loves you, and none of your suffering is wasted or lost time that doesn't count. Though I haven't been commenting much, know that I continue to pray for you often, for healing of your body and for other areas of life where you've had to give up that which is precious to you. Our great and mighty God will redeem this time...stay close to Him, yielded in obedience to Him and to Him alone in Jesus!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind, encouraging words! I can't even begin to tell you how much they blessed me today when I read them. It was EXACTLY what I needed. They brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. <3 Thank you for your continued prayers and for taking the time to write such an uplifting note to me!!!


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