Saturday, November 8, 2014

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go...

The above is a line that I love from the hymn, "O Love That Will Not Let Me Go", written by a blind Scottish Preacher, George Matheson, in 1882. 

I'm so grateful that "...when my heart is faint; (God will) lead me to the rock that is higher than I." ~Psalms 61:2

Today has been one of those days...just trying to keep clinging to Hope.  Lots of bitter tears wondering why God is still allowing so much pain & suffering...and yet, as much as sometimes I really do spend hours in the "depths of despair"...I don't stay there for long.  Because my Jesus is too real....<3  HIS JOY SEEKS ME in the pain...even when I resist...His promises of love keep filling my mind...yes, Jesus, I know You're here. <3 He's so good to not let me stay discouraged for very long...  I CANNOT CLOSE MY HEART TO THEE. I spent most of the day gazing outside, and although I couldn't see any rainbows amidst this dreary day....I can still TRACE THE RAINBOW THROUGH THE RAIN...because He doesn't send storms without something beautiful to follow. <3  I know and FEEL THE PROMISE IS NOT IN VAIN"In the HOPE of ETERNAL LIFE, which God, who CANNOT LIE, promised long ages ago." ~Titus 1:2  I believe that "...weeping may last for the night, but a shout of JOY comes in the morning." ~Psalms 30:5.  Yes, THAT MORN SHALL TEARLESS BE. 

Thank You, Jesus! <3 

Please keep teaching me how to praise YOU through the storms of life, Jesus. 



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    1. Dear Rachel,
      Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit my blogs and comment. As sorry as I am that you have been through all that suffering and even as your comment brings tears to my also is such a blessing knowing that you understand. I know for sure I have Lyme Disease...I've now had 3 different tests, including a live blood analysis show my blood flooded with spirochetes. And in the past, Lyme Treatment has made me feel a lot better. It's very interesting you would comment and bring up the neuromuscular disease today. I read about it....and definitely think I need to look into it. I already have 2 gene mutations that cause detoxing & processing chemicals/substances/vitamins more difficult and just yesterday I was wondering if there may be more I need to do for those mutations. I truly hope you are recovering and starting to feel better now that you know what you are dealing with! I'm so sorry! <3

      Also, yes...I'm the oldest of 12 kids and my Mom home schooled all of us. :-) That's great you and your husband were as well and are homeschooling your kids!

      And yes again, I did read the recent post on the Gospel Coalition. Really, really good article! Thank you so much for seeing my comment and coming over from it.

      Would you be interested in e-mailing? I'd love to learn more about the neuromuscular disease you have and how you diagnosed it and are treating it and how your health is now. <3 My e-mail is:

      God bless you and thanks again so much for commenting!


  2. P.S. I forgot to say I learned of your site and story through the Harrises' post about Lyme, on the Rebelution! :-) There's a lovely recent feature about the Harris twins on theGospelCoalition, have you seen it?

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