Sunday, February 1, 2015


  Lately, I've felt a little like a dry sponge that can't soak up enough water....that can't soak up enough of Jesus. <3  He is the beat of my heart, the joy in my smile and the all beautiful One in my eyes.  <3  He has been drenching me with so many ways...and yet I still can't get enough of Him.  So blessed to be His!  So blessed to know Him! So blessed by His constant presence.  <3 Here's a few quotes/verses that really stood out to me today and brought even more peace and more of Himself.

"For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in ALL your ways." ~ Ps 91:11
Oh, thank You, Jesus! <3  My way is not hidden from You...You have sent Your angels to walk it with even You Yourself walk it with me.  What shall I fear when He is near?

'But as for me, I TRUST in YOU, O Lord, I say, "You are My God".  My times are in Your hand..." ~Psalms 31:14-15
My times are in the hands of the Father. <3  Yes....yes...<3 No worries here. :-)  He is such a good, kind, comforting Father! <3

"How GREAT is Your goodness, which YOU have stored up for those who fear You..." ~Psalms 31:19
Oh Jesus...<3 Your goodness!  It is SO great! <3  Teach me to fear I can experience all the goodness that YOU have in store for me. <3

"BE STRONG and let your heart TAKE COURAGE, all you who HOPE in the Lord." ~Psalms 31:24
Jesus, teach me how to be STRONG IN YOU.  Teach my heart how to TAKE COURAGE in YOU and in Your Word and in YOUR HOPE. <3  Thank You. <3

"Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder things of the past.  Behold, I will do something NEW..."
~Isaiah 43:18-19
SO grateful that HE is the Author of my life, my love, my health....every aspect of me. <3 HE is making new the old. <3 Making NEW with more of Him. <3

"The disappointments of life are simply the hidden appointments of love." ~C.A. Fox
When I am trusting Him COMPLETELY....there are no disappointments in life...because He orchestrates ALL. <3  I can TRUST Him.

"The safety lies in letting ME fight for you. You did not come to this place by accident - you are EXACTLY where I meant for you." ~Jesus
Sometimes from the human standpoint when it may look like everything is falling God everything is actually falling into place. <3

"Your circumstances and the people around you are only being used to accomplish MY WILL." ~Jesus
Again, nothing happens by chance....I can TRUST HIM...He knows what He's doing! <3

"In fact, some of My greatest workers are those physically unable to serve, but who have learned to wield the POWERFUL weapon of PRAYER."
Yes...thank You, Jesus. I can still be of service in Your Kingdom through prayer....if nothing else....this will be nothing less.  Teach me to PRAY...and not just to pray....but to engage in the Battle and help those on the real physical battle ground to win spiritually. <3

"God's way for me is ALWAYS BEST!"
And don't ever doubt it....;-)

Love love LOVE this hymn and the powerful words!

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