Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Snowflake

I was reading in "Inspired Evidence" today and loved these few paragraphs:

"The average complex snowflake is made up of 100 ice crystals.  The number of ways these crystals can be arranged is staggering; the possible arrangements of these 100 crystals is greater than the total number of atoms in the universe.  Thus, it's unlikely that any two complex snow crystals since the Flood of Noah's time have ever looked completely alike.  Every snowflake is truly unique.

It is also interesting to compare man-made snow from snow making machines to "God-made" snow.  Man-made snow does not have any design but looks like rough gravel. With God's snow, each snowflake has a unique design showing HIS creativity. God is still giving us new designs today."

And so today, enjoying the view of the probably millions of snowflakes creating the large blanket of snow outside my window...I'm reminded that God's ways are beautiful and perfect. <3 When I try to do something on my own strength-without God-or not in alignment with His Holy Spirit-it'll turn out just like man-made snow...rough and a far cry from HIS design.  But when we trust God, and walk in accordance with His Word, HE will perfectly and beautifully orchestrate every aspect of our lives, just like He beautifully creates each snowflake.  Because that's just what He does...<3 He makes ALL things beautiful in HIS time. <3

Don't you just love that even though the beauty of each tiny snowflake often times goes unseen....or unnoticed...God STILL CREATED IT...even if no one ever sees it?!  <3 We might not always recognize the beauty He is forming in our lives....but God is still creating something beautiful, even if it goes unseen. <3

Just a few thoughts from God's snowflakes today! ;-)

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