Monday, July 6, 2015

Hummingbird Story

  Today my brother found a Hummingbird trying to escape from our garage.  Over and over again it continued to fly into the back garage window obviously trying to regain it's freedom back into the great outdoors, but in the process kept experiencing the same result of hitting glass.  If it had just turned around it would've seen the large open garage door.  My brother, Adam, gently picked it up and carried it outside and let it fly away.  But it occurred to me isn't that what we do so often in our lives with God?!  We see where we want to be or where we want to go and try to get there on our own strength and in our own way....and if it's not God's way the result will be a continual flying into the back garage window and ultimately making no progress just like that little hummingbird from earlier today.  I think there could be multiple analogies to today's little happening but I felt like God was reminding me to to just keep looking up at Him, trust His His His timing and not be fearful because HE.KNOWS.BEST. <3 The little hummingbird was scared of Adam at first....but soon realized Adam was just trying to help it. :-)  May I "...SEEK FIRST HIS Kingdom..."(Matthew 6:33) and trust Him and His ways in every area and not trust my own strength or my own extremely limited wisdom/vision.  God sees what we can't, just like Adam saw what the little bird couldn't.  He can be trusted with and in E-V-E-R-Y aspect of our lives!  :-)

"Tis so safe to walk with Jesus, leaning hard upon His arm, following closely where He leads us, none can hurt and none can harm.  Jesus, Jesus how I trust Him! How I've proved Him o'er and o'er; Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus! Oh, for grace to trust Him more!" ~<3 

"In EVERY situation and circumstance of your life, God is *always* doing a thousand different things that you cannot see and do not know." ~John Piper 

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