Sunday, March 24, 2019

Weekly Meal Plan || NO. 1

Hey friends!

I've been loving Mycah Hunter's blog recently and have particularly enjoyed perusing her weekly meal plans.  Ever since getting married back in June 2017 I've been trying to figure out the best system for meal planning, collecting recipes and documenting the meals we really enjoy and am *considering* trying to put up my weekly menu on here for accountability and fun! :-) We are starting with an easy week because I only have Sat-Tuesday to plan for as we are leaving early Wednesday for my brother, Micah's wedding.


Duck Eggs & Bacon
Grain Free Cauliflower Oatmeal ( I've been making this at least once a week since January and am LOVING it! )


Gluten Free Sandwich & Veggies


Saturday - Whole 30 Chili (Page 342) Today I added a can of black beans to it which I often do unless we're on a strict Whole 30 or similar diet

Sunday - Whole 30 Chili Leftovers

Monday - Detox Chicken Soup I can still remember when I found this pin on pinterest several years ago!  lol.  I was laying in bed sick and found the pin leading to the Detox Chicken Soup recipe and thought it looked so delicious I couldn't wait to get healthy enough to make it! :-) It's seriously SO good! The best Chicken Soup I've ever had and I've made it regularly ever since. Note: I don't think I've ever used chicken breasts for this recipe. Instead I usually just start with a whole chicken. Cook the chicken in a pot of water - take the chicken out, debone it and then save the broth and use that in the soup. But I'm sure it would work just as well if you followed this recipe to a "T". :-)

Tuesday - Detox Chicken Soup Leftovers

Wednesday - Leave bright an early for Michigan!! WooHoo!!  Let's get Micah and Lydia married oh yeah! :-D Snacks for the road will consist of: carrot sticks, grapes, celery, gluten free sandwiches and chips.

Alright friends, hope you're having an amazing day! Sending lots of love and sunshine your way!

Oh, btw - before I forget - HAPPY SPRING!


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